A downloadable game for Windows

Forsbergsskools 24h Gamejam, Theme Love 

Dark spirit trying 2  Darining Love from the world by "eating" the Love Spirits,
The ligth spirits will try 2 stop u. 

Programmer: Oliver Jonasson https://peg0ne.itch.io

3D-Artist: Sara Åkerström 

Ux / Ui: Freja Rassmuson 

Technical Sound: Kenny Gustavsson

AuthorsMoonMilk, peg0ne


SinglePlayerBuild.zip 29 MB


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I've got to say that the game looks quite interesting but the problem is, the exe file won't work! When you try to run it, it just deletes itself and says file not found, even run as administrator doesn't work. I'm looking forward for a fix maybe? But it looks quite interesting.

Hi I was one of the developers in this game and I tried downloading it just now and I dont seem to have any problems playing it.
Maybe it's your anti virus that classify it as a threat and quarantines it.

Very odd if that's the case but that's the only thing I can think of.

Did u make it work now??  Was it the antivirus?? :)

Yeah I'm pretty sure it was the anti virus, I got it working on something else. Definitely an interesting game!


thank you for going 2 such lenght 2 try our game <3 Appriciate it alot :D